Uploading Data

RealEarth can ingest imagery and shape data.

Image formats:
Shape (point/line/polygon) formats:
.zip, .tar, and .gz archive formats are also supported.

Color enhancements and custom legends can be created by uploading McIDAS-X ET enhancements or custom legend definitions. Please see the Editing Products section for more information.

Register Product

Before uploading product data a placeholder must be created on the target RealEarth VM. This ensures that the product will be directed to the appropriate location and the state of the product will have a suitable configuration prior to the initial directory. From the Product Manager, log in and click the Create new placeholder button to register a new product.

Browser Upload

Files can be uploaded via a browser form.

Shell Script

File uploads can be automated with the re_upload script.


re_upload [-hufpcrv] [-k key|file] [-s server:port] file [name] [date] [time] -h: Show help -u: Check for update Version: 20 -f: Force overwrite if there is a conflict -p: Designate file as part of a larger product -k: Specify the upload key or file -c: Add random sleep to mitigate concurrent uploads (eg. cron jobs) -r: Send through head node -s: Specify the server and port Default: realearth.ssec.wisc.edu -v: Be verbose file: Path to file Format: /path/to/[name]_[YYYYMMDD]_[HHMMSS].??? name: Specify the product name Required when the file name does not contain [name] Format: Cannot contain '_' date: Specify the date Required when the file name does not contain [date] Format: YYYYMMDD time: Specify the time Required when the file name does not contain [time] Format: HHMMSS