User Tools

Manage Account

Registered users can sign up for Product Event Notifications, and will granted privileges to upload and manage products.

Create Account

To create an account, visit the User Tools and click on the Register link in the toolbar at the left. You will be prompted to enter a User Name, Password, and Email Address. A confirmation email will be sent to you, with a link to verify your account.

Edit Profile

After logging in, registered users can change their full name, email address, and optionally set their SMS/MMS mobile delivery options.

NOTE: MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is required to receive images with mobile notifications.


Notifications are delivered via SMS/MMS or email when noteworthy events occur within a user's area of interest. Registered users can select from the list of available notification events and define arbitrary geographical regions to monitor. Notification events are defined by product owners.


Click on the Create new notification button to create a new notification. A new window will be displayed prompting for the following:

Edit / Copy

All properties of existing notifications are editable. Copying a notification will prompt for a new name, and all properties will be copied into the new notification, simplifying the creation of multiple notifications that share a region of interest.


Deleting a notification will prompt for confirmation. Once deleted no more text or emails will be sent for the associated event.